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Stan's Rim Tape can be used to make rims airtight or used as a lightweight rim tape on any rim (1 roll = roll will tape (5) 26" rims, (4) 29" rims or (2) road clincher rim). Stans No Tubes, the makers of the innovative No Tubes tyre system are known for numerous innovations in the bicycle industry. That includes products such as the Stans No Tubes tubeless system, tubeless rims, tyre sealant, rotors, etc.. The No Tubes tyre sealant can also be used in ATV's, handcarts, trailers, and any tubeless tyres! These No Tubes products are being used worldwide by Racers, Olympians, and recreational riders for their cost and weight saving advantages! Please note: that Stan's Yellow Rim Tape by itself is not a tubeless conversion. Traditional (Non Stan's NoTubes ZTR) rims including those labeled "tubeless ready" still require a black rubber NoTubes Rim Strip to achieve a secure tubeless setup. Using only Yellow Rim Tape and NoTubes Tyre Sealant on a conventional rim can result in catastrophic "burping" issues. Top Features of the Stans No Tubes Tubeless Rim Tape Fits Stans rims and many others, Stans rims listed below: Weight Per Rim = 5g 21mm width fits: ZTR Olympic ZTR 355 ZTR Alpine ZTR Crest ZTR Iron Cross ZTR Alpha 340 (2 layers) ZTR Alpha 400 (2 layers) Most road clincher rims 25mm width fits: ZTR 355 (26", 650b, 29") ZTR Crest ZTR Arch EX ZTR Flow EX 27mm width fits: ZTR Flow EX ZTR Hugo 52mm ZTR Rapid 28 ZTR Rapid 30
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