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Article number: Proviz - overshoe cover-REFLECT 360-Small
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NOTE: these have no sole on them so water gets in via the soal and the leg, (the same for all overshoes) however thay are one of the best I have ever used ! The REFLECT360 waterproof shoe covers are the latest addition to the highly popular REFLECT360 range. The shoe covers have exceptional waterproofing as they are PU coated fleece. In short, they will keep you warm and dry! They also have the added advantage of being fully reflective at night so that when a vehicle's headlights shine upon them, they light up to be bright white to help your position on the road be more easily identifiable. They have a waterproof lock-zipper, a heel loop, reinforced toe and heel, ankle adjustor and an open sole for your cleats. All in all, everything you'd want in a top quality waterproof shoe cover.
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