Fenwicks cleaner Concentrate Degreaser 1 litre FS 1

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1 litre ,FS-1 Concentrate is a unique, complex blend of biodegradable liquid raw materials that leaves surfaces exceptionally clean and uncontaminated. No other cleaner comes close to its ability to clean safely.,,Engineered at a sub-nano molecular level, FS-1 contains no solid particles of any size that would otherwise drop out or be left behind after cleaning and rinsing.,,FS-1 does not contain: Caustics, acids, solvents, metasilicates, abrasives or silicon,,FS-1 is safe to use on: Shock units, disc brakes, aluminium, steel, carbon fibre, composites, plastics, decals, rubber and leather. ,,Due to its non-aggressive nature, FS-1 concentrate can be used neat as a degreaser or diluted with 10 parts water to form FS-10 bike cleaner. This bottle will make 11 litres of FS-10 bike cleaner.
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