Casco Speedtime Helmet

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The aerodynamics of the Casco Speedtime Helmet adapts to the body position and the posture of the athletes head. Even in the heat of the race when the sportsman fights and isn`t in ideal body position the Speedtime is uncompromisingly streamlined and delivers top aerodynamics. Therewith the sportsman can mobilize his complete physical reserves without taking any aerodynamic disadvantages. On the one hand this is possible by the air spoilers at the rear edge of the helmet, which significantly reduce the flow resistance. On the other hand the patented air guidelines on the outer shell of the helmet optimize the air stream. In addition the sophisticated double-shell construction supports the unprecedented streamline design of the helmet. Thanks to its large dimension across the face and ears of the athlete the SPEED mask provide best aerodynamics and prevents air vortex formation. The SPEED mask also enables even from the lowest position a trouble-free field of view. The head of the SPEED time wearer doesn`t contact the helmet shell. It only has contact with the helmet through a tensed net. This ensures a very good fit and provides excellent heat removal.
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